Our warehouse has been designed in a modern and safe manner by fulfilling all customs requirements, depending on the Gebze Customs, in order to stock new cars and commercial vehicles and to carry out import transactions.

It is 10 km from Pendik port, 60 km from Derince port and 20 km from Gebze customs. It has a concrete floor and is monitored with a 24/7 camera system. In our warehouse, besides Stocking and Handling services, PDI service can also be provided according to customer demand.

In addition to our bonded warehouse in Orhanlı, we have a free stock area in İzmit. Domestic production and pre-export stocking can be done in our stock area in İzmit. Our total stocking capacity is 38,000 m2.


In addition to the warehouse services, we also provide the following customs clearance services as part of our shipping process;

  • Transit / Export / Import Clearances
  • Truck Report Card / ATA Report Card / A.TR Transactions