About Us


We combine our experience with the hardworking and creative spirit of our team. This is the key to our success.

In our opinion, your total strength is only equivalent to your weakest point. For this reason, we regularly implement educational and motivating methods for our team.

We offer flexible transportation solutions to manufacturers, exporters and importers.

It is one of our most important values to be able to provide creative solutions to the special demands and needs of our customers.

As one of the leading companies in the Turkish market in a very short time, we have invested in 25 vehicle carriers and bonded warehouses. We continue to invest in our business with the aim of diversifying services and providing the necessary capacity for the needs of our customers.


Our company is a member of UND (International Transporters Association).


We are also a member of ECG (European Car Transport Group of Interest), defined as the European Vehicle Carriers Association.