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Matrix Logistics Alongside Sports and Athletes

Support to 9th Cinepark Short Film Festival
22 April 2019
Guinness Confirmed Bilge Chingigiray’s Record
23 August 2019

News Detail

Known especially for its support to tennis, Matrix Logistics became the main sponsor of the 'Grade3 ITF Seniors Tennis Tournament', which has been organized with Optimum Tennis Academy since 2016.

Burak Savaşan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matrix Logistics, stated that they are very happy to see that the tournament, which was held between 16-22 October and attracts great attention, is getting better every year. “In 2017, we held 3 tournaments, 2 ITF and 1 TTF, and we had our 5th tournament in 2 years in total. In addition to the main sponsorship of Matrix, the support of many other sponsors for the last tournament and the distribution of different gifts to our athletes through the raffles added many pleasant memories to our tournament.

Another good news is that saplings will be planted on behalf of all our athletes in cooperation with Matrix in the "Let's Have a Planted Tree" campaign organized by the Beylerder Aid Volunteers Association. We hope that this will continue in all similar tournaments. Another factor that gives hope is; Among the ITF tournaments held in Istanbul, 36 foreign athletes from 14 different countries participated in our tournament for the first time. In this way, we had the chance to watch very competitive and quality matches.”