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Matrix Diversified Its Logistics Services

Kässbohrer has been the choice of Matrix Logistics
4 November 2014

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Matrix Diversified Its Logistics Services

Completing its fifth year as of February 2009, Matrix Logistics achieved 40 percent growth in 2008, keeping the tradition.

Burak Savaşan, General Manager of Matrix Logistics, stated that they were not in the energy to celebrate the fifth year of the company due to the negative course our world has been going through recently, and that the tradition of high-rate growth will be broken this year and that they are trying to establish their targets and strategies on the market's shrinkage of 50 percent, and said: As a young company, with the effect of our high growth rates, we have made serious investments in the last 3 years. In line with the needs of our customers, we expanded both our truck carrier and auto carrier fleet in order to provide service diversity. In addition, we made land and warehouse investments. In this difficult period we are in, we will struggle to survive, like all transporters and investors. While doing this, we aim to continue on our way by trying to avoid solutions that have the effect of fueling the crisis as much as possible, and by protecting our human resources, which is our most important investment in the service sector.”


Matrix launches vehicle storage warehouse

In the middle of 2008, it invested in a rented land of 26,000 m2 in the Arslanbey region of Izmit and started operating this area as a duty-free vehicle storage area.

On the other hand, it has completed its investments and customs permits on its land in the Orhanlı region of Istanbul, which has been investing for a long time and has been selected as a logistics center, and opened its bonded vehicle storage warehouse as of January 2009.

RO-RO expeditions to North Africa

Matrix started to organize RO-RO voyages from Derince to the North African region, especially to Algeria and Libyan ports, in November 2008, with the prediction that the export/import transaction volume in the European and Russian regions, where they mainly operate, will experience a sharp decline in 2009.

Burak Savaşan explained this new activity as follows: “Unfortunately, a regular RO-RO line from Turkey to the North Africa region has not been established for years. Irregular and infrequent flights made it difficult for us and our customers. We have achieved a serious success in the first stage by organizing 8 voyages to the ports of Algeria and Libya in the last 3 months. By organizing two or three RO-RO trips from Derince Port to these regions every month, we aim to contribute to our customers' sales to these regions in search of new markets with regular voyages and appropriate freights. We would like to thank all our customers and partners who have supported this project so far.”

Inland transport activities

“90 percent of the turnover of our company is international combined vehicle transportation activities. In 2008, and within the scope of the new contracts that have just been signed, we aim to increase the share of domestic dealerships of automobiles and heavy commercial vehicles and the share of our activities in this direction in our turnover.” Matrix Deputy General Manager Serhat Erkin said, "We believe that we can easily achieve this thanks to our existing truck carrier and auto carrier fleet, our temporary license plate service and our experienced driver staff."

Regarding the current crisis, Burak Savaşan conveyed his point of view as follows: “Although it will be very difficult for many of us to survive due to the financial borrowing of investments, as a correction factor for this process, more controlled consumption in the long run, more accurate resources. I expect it to lead to results such as its use and the system to function more healthily in this direction. I want to believe that there should be lessons to be learned by all of us from this and that this difficult process that we will go through will at least benefit the new generations.”